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Welcome, one and all, to the home of the Star Wars Model Kit Gallery!! Here you will find a wealth of resources about model kits related to the Star Wars universe. Here's a quick rundown of the contents of this site:

• In the Gallery page you will find a complete list of every single Star Wars model I own. Each kit has its own page which includes all pertinent information about the kit inluding Star Wars model photos, other releases and variations of the kit, and my personal experiences building or working with the kit. If you see a blank space in the kit info, that means that I don't have that bit of information. If you can help, by all means, E-Mail Me so I can put it up for everyone.
• In the Wanted Kits section, you will find other Star Wars models that exist that I don't own and am looking for to add to my collection and this site.
• In the Bio section you can find some general information about this site and the Please read this (I know it's long) because it will explain a great deal about this site and what you see.
• The Links section contains many Star Wars model related links and a couple of general modeling related links. These people are all great friends and you should visit their sites as well.
• The Technique page is a section I added to clarify some of the terms and building procedures that I explain in the model write-ups and reviews. Here you will find a constantly growing list of building, painting and detailing skills that are essential to Star Wars modeling.
• The Building Service page is the section that helps to support this site and me. I offer model building, painting and scratchbuilding services to anyone who is interested. You can also find my scratchbuilt Ebon Hawk model here. My prices are very low and the quality is much higher than anything in the Gallery page. This page is also a good place to see some non-Star Wars kits that I have done if you are interested.
• That's pretty much it! New information is being added daily so be sure to check back soon. Enjoy the site and remember to E-mail Me or Sign The Guestbook if you had a good time! :)

211 Different Star Wars Model Kits In The Gallery
116 Different Star Wars Model Kits In The Wanted List
~ 469 Star Wars Model Kits (Including Variations) Total
Last Updated October 29, 2016

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