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End Of The Line
  I have had quite a few modelers, experienced and new, ask me how I go about performing some of the techniques seen on my models. Because of this I have decided to dedicate this page to explaining modeling techniques that I use on my models. This section is still under construction and some areas have not been completed yet. If there is anything here that you would like to see, please by all means E-Mail Me.

Modeling Techniques - Categories
- Introduction To Modeling
- Materials
- Tools
- Theories & Ideas
- Cleaning Parts
- Stripping Paint
- Trimming Plastic
- Trimming Resin
- Trimming Vinyl
- Sanding
- Gluing
- Glue Brand Comparison
- Filling Seams & Surface Imperfections
- Basic Painting
- Airbrushing
- Paint Brand Comparison
Weathering & Detailing
- Battle Damage (Physical)
- Battle Damage (Visual)
- Chipped Paint
- Dry Brushing
- Wash
- Scribing

- Tools
- Methods
- Casting Parts

Electronics & Lighting
- Basic Electronics
- Fiber Optics
- Tools
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