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Hi everyone! Welcome to probably the strangest section of this site. Here you can find out a little more about me: the owner and proprietor of this fine institution. Well, I guess the appropriate thing to say is: the guy with too much free time who loves Star Wars and having fun on the Internet.

Let me start off with a little information about me. First off, my real name is Bob. I graduated college with a degree in Graphic and Information Design from Central Connecticut University. The graphics and layout of this site were all done when I was still in school and reflect some of the training I received early on. I have a wife whose name is Jen. We've known each other since we were kids. You can see her below in the pics of us. She shares my love of Star Wars, goofing around and basically everything else.

The Beginning
I got into Star Wars when I first saw the Special Editions in theaters. My mom took me to see them and I walked out of each one with a splitting headache and loving every second of it. When Episode One came out, my love really took off. Jen and I walked out of the theatre absolutely amazed. A lot of people don't like Episode One, and although I agree it is no Empire, it is still Star Wars. Jen and I have developed a true passion for Star Wars and we appreciate all aspects of the universe that we all wish wasn't so far away.

The model building aspect has always been sort of buried in me and it really surfaced after Episode One. When I was a kid, I built some cars, planes etc but never anything serious. I basically did what just about every little boy does at some point and enjoyed slapping together some snap-tites. When I got older and started to enjoy Star Wars, I saw the models from the movies and the two interests clicked.

Us At Disney '99
Us At Disney '99 My first model was the Speeder Bike. I did a pretty terrible job, but I enjoyed the experience. Slowly but surely I branched out until I had a whole bunch of them. I never really took it too seriously, I was just having fun. I had no experience, no reference and no tools. All I had were some old half-dried Pactra paints, a pair of scissors and some of the multi-colored plastic brushes that you can get anywhere. Obviously this did not help anything.
Once I started to get more serious, I started to buy some better tools and was able to improve the quality of my builds. I actually got an X-ACTO blade, better paints, sandpaper and more essential tools. Eventually I moved up to a Dremel and an airbrush setup. These really helped me have fun and make some pretty good models. My philosophy on building has always been to not stress out over everything and just build a model how I like to and put it up on the shelf and see what it looks like with the rest of them. This is obvious to anyone who looks closely at my buildups. I make no claims at superior quality on my personal builds in the Gallery. I just like to make them. There are some unbelievably talented people out there that I wish I could be like. I just genuinely enjoy Star Wars and making parts of it. Brooklyn '02
My Work Area The Next Level
When I got my very first job offer to make a model for someone, I was perplexed. I knew that I couldn't build it the same way I normally did. My first professional build for a customer involved more time and more precision work than dozens of my own models combined. When I sat back and looked at the finished piece, I was very proud. I had made a really nice kit that my customer would enjoy. The models in the Building Service page are ones that I really dedicate myself to for people who come to me for help.
Building for my customers opened up a new perspective for me on my own model building. I felt like I should try to make my own models like this. This leaves me at my current stage of Star Wars model building. I don't always just slap my own kits together and put them up on the shelf. I now genuinely enjoy Star Wars and making parts of it; but to a higher level of detail and accuracy. If you want to know approximately when I built a kit, just look at the quality of the build. If you almost throw up, it was made a long time ago. If you cringe, it was made maybe a little while ago. If you smile a little then I made it pretty recently. If you stare open-mouthed and drooling....then you're looking at another web site or at a picture of my girlfriend. lol My Work Area
My Work Area In Conclusion
Ok, enough philosophy about model building. Here's the skinny; the low-down; the 411; the abridged version of who I am. I am just a young guy who loves Star Wars, building models, having fun, joking around and talking to people about my interests. I've met tons of awesome people through discussion forums and e-mail because of this hobby and yet I've never met a single one of them in person. This is the best hobby on the planet. I really hope you enjoy this site and if you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. And don't forget to laugh at the funny pictures dispersed throughout the site. You never know when they might show-up. ;)
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I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the following people for contributing information to this site:
Bill S.
Daniel Velazco
Doug Maio
Doug Pluta
Frank Winspur
Jason Kisvarday
Jason Sheldon of Endless Enterprises
John Curilla
John Lester of Starship Modeler
Ken Webb
Martin Goldsack
Penny Thomas
Richard "Screamin' Fan"
Tim Colliou
"Uncle Bill"
and Arild Wiro Anfinnsen for his Slave 1 3D model at
I apologize if I forgot anyone. I thank you all for your help! :)

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