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Getting in touch with me is super easy. Just click my address below. I'm always here to help and answer questions or just talk about Star Wars and models. But before you do, please read these Frequently Asked Questions and it may answer your question right away:

Question: "How do I view the instructions sheets? What is a zip file?"
Answer: "Just download the zip file and you should be able to unzip and open it using software on your computer. If not, please visit to download the appropriate software."

Question: "Do you have English translations of the Japanese instructions?"
Answer: "Sorry, but no. Everything I have is available for download."

Question: "Do you sell unbuilt kits?"
Answer: "Sorry, I only sell fully built and painted finished pieces. See my Building Service page for more information."

Question: "Do you sell the models on your site?"
Answer: "Yes and no. No, I don't sell the exact one you see, but yes I can usually build you you one that is exactly the same or even better. See my Building Service page for more information."

Question: "How do you paint your models? How do you weather them? etc."
Answer: "Most questions regarding technique, construction, etc. can all be answered on my Techniques page."

Question: "Where do I find reference pictures to help me build my models?"
Answer: "Many places: books such as Star Wars Chronicles, From Star Wars to Indiana Jones, The Art Of..., as well as the DVDs and numerous Internet web sites listed in my Links page or found through search engines."

Question: "What colors do I/you use on my/your models?"
Answer: "Most of the model buildup pages have at least some colors listed. If not, it's because I can't remember what I used. The best thing to do is to get some reference pictures and take them down to your local hobby shop. You can compare these pictures to paints available on the racks and pick out appropriate colors."

Question: "Do I paint the model before or after I put it together?"
Answer: "This is one of those questions whose answer depends on the model. You have to think ahead to how the model will go together. Will you be able to reach a part to paint it once the whole kit is finished? If yes, then wait to paint it. If no, paint it first."

Question: "How much is my model worth?"
Answer: "Whatever you can sell it for. This is not my area of expertise. Check the going rates on eBay for more information."

Question: "Where do you buy your models?"
Answer: "Almost every model write up says where I got the kit. If not, you can always check eBay or search on Google for retailers."

If these FAQs don't answer your questions, please feel free to E-Mail Me

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