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Kit Name: Anakin Skywalker
Scale: 1/8
Material: Resin
Manufacturer: Mojoresin

Model Number:

Number Of Parts: 1
Final Dimensions: 6"H x 2.75"W x 1.25"D
Box Cover:  
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note:  

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This is one of the few non-deformed garage kits based on Episode One. This is a nicely sculpted kit in good scale. It's not too small and not too large. The texture was excellent and very easy to make it appear weathered. The kit was painted with Flesh, Sandstone, and some warm browns. It has been difficult to get it to stand properly and it has fallen several times and picked up a few nicks. After a few falls I made up a little sand base from a wood plaque and he has stood fine ever since. This kit cost me $30 online.
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