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Kit Name: Bossk
Scale: 1/6
Material: Resin
Manufacturer: Amok Time Toys

Model Number:

Released: 1992
Number Of Parts: 4
Final Dimensions: 11.5"H x 4"W x 3.5"D
Box Cover:  
Country of Origin:  
Special Note:  

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This is a really rare kit that I have only ever seen once or twice, luckily I got it. Same thing with with IG-88, except that one is even rarer. This kit is really unique and I like that. The 1/6 scale goes nicely with Fett, IG-88 and Vader. Now all I need is Zuckuss, 4-Lom and Dengar. Maybe when I have nothing to do I can scratchbuild a 4-LOM out of a 3PO kit. Anyway, the hardest part about this kit was getting the right colors. I'm not totally happy with how the skin looks though. It was done by basing in a tan, dry brushing greens and browns and then airbrushing a dark green over. Unfortunately there was a large air bubble in the back of his arm that needs to be filled. I made the strap for his gun out of some rawhide shoelace. It didn't really feel complete without it. This kit cost around $50 on eBay.
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