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Kit Name: IG-88
Scale: 1/6
Material: Resin , Metal & Fabric
Manufacturer: Reneé Resins

Model Number:

Number Of Parts: 33
Final Dimensions: 15"H x 6.5"W x 7"D
Box Cover: Click Here
Instructions: Click Here (.zip)
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note:  

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This is a really rare kit that I have ever only seen once. I found it on eBay and it was just too cool. I think the maker just cast an old Kenner 12 inch IG-88. Most of the body parts are all in heavy resin and the guns are in extremely heavy metal. I had difficulty keeping his raised arm from breaking off. The other one has the gun just leaning against the ground. Construction on this was pretty simple. There was a lot of clean up that had to be done though. Most of the body pieces were in halves; front and back. They fit ok and there wasn't a huge amount of trouble in cleaning them. There were a few metal pieces like the hands, elbows, guns and some various smaller pieces. These were more difficult to work with because they were extremely heavy. The smaller gun kept breaking the elbow joint for starters. The elbow is metal, while the arm pieces are resin. This proved to make a weak bond. I originally used epoxy, and then redid it with CA and that worked ok. I haven't had a problem since then. The bandolier is a bunch of small metal pieces and a strip of fabric. The fabric actually came with the kit. Most obscure garage kits wouldn't really do something like that. I just painted the fabric and dry brushed it like everything else. I based pretty much everything in a gloss black and proceeded to dry brush heavily from there to give it that tarnished, beat up metal look. I dry brushed blacks, grays, silvers, rust, lots of dirty metal colors. The kit looks really cool. It really stands out among the rest. It's the ONLY thing I have ever seen with IG-88. To add to it, I took a cheapo wooden plaque and sprayed it black. I then painted a gray bulkhead style pattern on the top. I airbrushed some blast marks to accent it. Who knows, maybe this is when he busted out of his laboratory? Overall it was a pretty easy kit with the only trouble being the insanely heavy metal pieces. I got this kit off eBay for only $10!


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