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Kit Name: Princess Leia
Scale: 1/13
Material: Vinyl
Manufacturer: Craft Master

Model Number:

Released: 1980
Number Of Parts: 1 Plus Paints and Brush
Final Dimensions: 5.5"H x 2.25"W x 2.25"D
Box Cover:  
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note:  

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This is another one of the small paintable vinyl figurines put put by Fundimensions back in the 80s. When I got this, it was already painted. It looked like it had been painted by a 4 year old (which wouldn't be too outlandish considering who these were originally marketed to). Anyway, the paint was literally slathered on this thing like butter on a dinner roll. I undertook the arduous task of trying to strip off most of the almost 20 year old paint. I originally tried Easy Off oven cleaner, but that only worked so well. It did soften the paint so took an X-ACTO to it. The paint was really thick so it came off in chunks and I just worked my way across the kit. Unfortunately not everything could be spared so some parts were soft in detail due to built up paint. I did my best to disguise this with my paint job. I started by spraying the whole thing with a light coat of Flat White. I then dry brushed some cream over the clothing to make it stand out from the snow she is standing on. I then picked out the details. Her boots are Pewter Gray and Charcoal Gray while her skin is just a Light Flesh and her hair is a mix of browns. The face was very difficult because this is where the original paint was thickest and ruined the statue the most. I did my best. I painted her chest plate with silver gray and red and her gun with black and silver. I got this kit for just a few dollars.

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