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Kit Name: Princess Leia - Slave Outfit
Scale: 1/8
Material: Resin
Manufacturer: Kiyama

Model Number:

Released: 1995
Number Of Parts: 6
Final Dimensions: 10"H x 4.5"W x 3"D
Box Cover:  
Country of Origin:  
Special Note:  

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This was a great kit that, aside from the head, looks spectacular. The pose on this kit is really cool and the provided base is even cooler. However, the head on this kit is a bit off. It is just too big and a little too manly. Everything else is great. Those of you who are Indiana Jones fans will recognize those little heads on the base. They are strikingly similar to the idol that Indy got at the beginning of Raiders! Since I'm talking about the base, I'll talk about how I painted it. I sprayed it Flat Black to begin. I then HEAVILY dry brushed in grays. After the grays I sponged on some darker grays and browns. It came out nicely I think; a real worn stone look. Anyway, back to the kit. Casting on this kit was ok in most areas, but pretty poor in some spots. The straps for the top were supposed to be molded in and just ended up disappearing in some spots. There were also tiny little micro holes all over the place on this kit that were just too numerous to fill without major work. Since I am the kind of modeler who just doesn't really care too much and just likes the experience of building, I passed them over. I'm not trying to win any awards or anything like that, I just like to see the finished product with all of the other kits around it. Back to assembly. You had to attach her head, braid and left arm so assembly was no huge task. There was also a collar that was supposed to cover the seam around her neck, but mine has since gone missing. I painted this kit almost exactly like the 1/15 Leia, so for an in-depth discussion on painting please see that page. I got this kit off eBay for under $20 I think.

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