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Kit Name: Princess Leia - Slave Outfit "Slave Girl"
Scale: 1/10
Material: Resin
Manufacturer: Enigma Models

Model Number:

Number Of Parts: 3
Final Dimensions: 7.25"H x 4"W x 3"D
Box Cover: Click Here
Instructions: None
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note:  

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This was a fun kit to build. It was the first figure I have done in a long time so I've had plenty of time to regret what I did on other figures. :) The kit was made by Enigma Models and was one of the better sculpted Leias I have seen. The casting was relatively clean and only some minor mold lines needed to be removed. Assembly only consisted of putting the two base pieces together and then putting Leia on it so I will skip right to the painting. The base had some nice texture to it so I was able to make a nice simulation of a stone wall behind her. This was done by first spraying it all flat black and then dry brushing many different stone shades over it. I used several shades of gray and brown to build up the desired look. dry brushing helped reveal the texture while still leaving the recesses black. The figure was based in a mixture of Dresden Flesh, Medium Flesh and some Orange. I airbrushed this on to get an even coat and then darkened the mixture a bit to airbrush in some shadows on the skin. I've never done this on a figure before and I think it looks much better than my old ones. I still have a long way to go though. I then painted her dress a mixture of red and brown with a touch of blue to give it the desired purple shade. I then lightened this mixture and dry brushed the dress to highlight it. The boots and top were painted a Pewter Gray color with some brown a green mixed it. The trim was painted in Testors Brass. Her hair was painted a very, very dark brown and then dry brushed with a slightly redder brown. Carrie Fisher's hair back then was very dark so not many highlights were necessary. I then dry brushed some some reddish blush on her cheeks and dry brushed some blue where here eyes would go for eye shadow. The eyes were hard because they weren't very sharply molded and needed some interpretation. There's white, black and the same dark brown as her hair in the eyes. I then added a tiny dot of white in the pupil for added realism. To finish it off, I added some pink to the flesh tone and added in her lips. A little gloss coat on the eyes and lips and she was done. I'm happy with the overall look. I got this kit off eBay for about $15.

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