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Kit Name: Darth Maul
Scale: 1/12
Material: Vinyl
Manufacturer: Hasbro

Model Number:

Released: 1999
Number Of Parts: 2 Plus Paints and Brush
Final Dimensions: 7.5"H x 3.5"W x 5.5"D
Box Cover: Click Here (Back)
Instructions: None
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note:  

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This is one of the 3 3D Figure Painters that Hasbro (of all people) put out around Episode One. There was this one, a Qui-Gon and an Obi-Wan. They are all supposed to go together in a big fight scene. They are one piece molded brown vinyl things with a clear plastic lightsaber. They come with little cups of paint that actually aren't too poor quality. Construction wasn't an issue on this kit so on to painting. I sprayed it flat black and painted the gloves and boots glossy. The face had molded in lines, so it was only a matter of figuring out which were which colors. This is a pretty nice kit, but not nearly as nice as the one from Endless. The hands are kind of big on this kit. and the blades of the lightsaber are pretty small. If you are looking for accuracy look to Endless. This kit is more for a kid, or someone who just wants to bang something out real quick. I got this at KBToys for less than $5.

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