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Kit Name: Darth Maul "Dark Hunter"
Scale: 1/15
Material: Resin & Metal
Manufacturer: Endless Enterprises

Model Number:

Released: 2002
Number Of Parts: 18
Final Dimensions: 4.25"H x 6.5"W x 3"D
Box Cover:  
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note:  

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This is an awesome kit of Darth Maul by the new company Endless Enterprises who purchased the rights to Jiver Models. There really are no kits of Maul. The only other options are the static Hasbro figure painter and the horribly ugly deformed garage kit. This kit is beautifully detailed and is easy to construct. Assembly was very simple and almost no flash needed to be trimmed. The horns were difficult because they were so small, but the smart people at Endless give you more than you need. I needed them all, enough said. Painting was fun on the body. I used varying blacks for the different parts. I used a flat black for the cloak, satin for the leather parts and gloss for details on the belt. The face was a challenge due to the complex tattoos of the Sith lord. There were no molded lines so you must use reference pictures. I don't think the lines would come through in the molding process, and it would probably look bad to have deep lines in the guys face! The kit also comes with nice straight pieces of metal rod for the lightsabers, and get this...they aren't warped! That's a nice change from lesser quality garage companies. When I glued them on, I added some extra glue around the base to make it seem like the blade is really there and ignited. If you have any of the new Hasbro figures, you know what I am talking about. Overall this kit was great, and I'm not just saying that because I'm friends with the owner. It was a great project that you could spend forever on, or just a rainy day on. I did it in one day! This kit retails for $25 on the Endless Web Site


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