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Kit Name: Imperial Probe Droid
Scale: 1/6
Material: Resin & Metal
Manufacturer: Scale Model Technologies

Model Number:

Released: 2002
Number Of Parts: 50+
Final Dimensions: 22"H x 7"W x 7"D
Box Cover:  
Instructions: Click Here (.zip)
Country of Origin: Canada
Special Note: Limited to only 100.

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This was the highly anticipated Probot kit from SMT. When word came out that Alfred Wong was mastering this, it was an instant buy for many. This kit is beautiful, as always with SMT. Alfred Wong did an excellent job taking many contradicting sources and finding a happy medium. The detail is great and expertly cast. Construction was kind of tricky. The main body parts were easy, but the legs were tough. An unfortunate trade off with SMT's high quality is that sometimes the instructions are a bit vague. The instructions didn't really explain the exact construction of each leg. Each one was different and could be put together a number of ways. This proved for some aggravating assembly. I ended up getting what I thought was a good assembly. It looked really nice once assembled. I made it so the legs could be repositioned by inserting the metal pipes inside the plastic tubes and not gluing them. This made them able to flow freely and let the elbows bend. Other than that everything was ok. I made the mistake of using CA on the semi-clear "eyes". CA clouds clear pieces so they look pretty bad. I spray painted the whole thing Flat Black and dry brushed some gunmetal. I picked out the details with an orange color and that was basically it. SMT provided a nice wooden base with a resin Imperial logo. I ran the provided tube from the base and into the body of the Probot in molded in spot. I got this kit directly from SMT. Unfortunately this kit is no longer available as SMT has ceased production of all Star Wars related kits.

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