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Kit Name: Artoo-Detoo Van
Scale: 1/32
Material: Plastic
Manufacturer: MPC

Model Number:

Released: 1978
Number Of Parts: 25 plus decals
Final Dimensions: 6.25"L x 2.5"W x 3"H
Box Cover: Click Here
Instructions: Click Here (.zip)
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note:  

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A blast from the past. I guess the 70s were a big time for customizable vans. I don't really know since I was born in the 80s. This is part of a series of 3 kits. There was also a Vader and Luke Van. This one is unique as it has R2's dome on top. I like to put this one in the center of the 3 and have Luke and Vader frame it on either side. This van was the only one that I didn't really have any problems with. I based it in Blue Angel Blue. The dome was sprayed with Silver and painted with a Dark Blue. Like the others, the interior is finished like a regular car. I had to be careful to make the decals even on each side. Other than that there were no big problems. The other Vans had some snafus that held up the process a bit. I got this kit off of eBay for around $10.

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