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Kit Name: Sith Infiltrator
Scale: 1/550
Material: Plastic
Manufacturer: AMT/ERTL

Model Number:

Released: 1999
Number Of Parts: 5
Final Dimensions: 3"L x 2"W x .75"H
Box Cover: Click Here
Instructions: Click Here (.zip)
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note: Pre-painted

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This is one of the four mini-kits that AMT/ERTL put out for Episode One. There was also the Republic Cruiser, TF Landing Ship and the MTT or TF Large Transport as they called it. These kits are really small, as in only a few inches each. They are pre-painted and don't look too bad. I've kept them exactly as they came to preserve the original finish. I don't really like to repaint pre-painted kits. At least ones that look good. Assembly on this kit took literally seconds. You just had to trim the flash and then pop 'em together. No paint was needed as it looked really good already. If anyone wanted to do any painting, all I would suggest is some weathering and a dull coat. I got this in a set of all of them for just a few dollars.

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