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Kit Name: Super Star Destroyer
Scale: 1/21,704
Material: Resin

Model Number:

Number Of Parts: 6
Final Dimensions: 14.25"L x 4.75"W x 1.5"H
Box Cover:  
Country of Origin:  
Special Note: Included two in-scale Imperial Star Destroyers

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This is a really neat resin kit that looks really cool from far away, but when you get close to it, it loses its effect. This originally started out as an extremely rare kit that was cast in very limited numbers. One was sold on eBay, recast a million times by the buyer and then sold for like $50 a pop. I'm sure the quality became awful by the end. This is a two piece kit that comes with some small Star Destroyers in scale. The pieces of the Super Star Destroyer (Executor) are the bridge tower and then everything else. Why they didn't just include the bridge in the mold I don't know, maybe it wouldn't work. Anyway, construction is pretty much nothing. You just have to be careful it doesn't break off as it is quite small. I had to do a little cleanup work but that was pretty much it. The surface detailing is really nice with a lot of good texture. But like I said, it doesn't stand up well to close inspection. The superstructure detail isn't really detailing so much as it is just layered sheet styrene. That's understandable though, considering the scale. It's hard to include accurate detail when you shrink a kilometers long ship down to about a foot. The detailing is pulled off quite effectively and looks good on display on a shelf. The general shape and detail are pretty accurate too. Generally a well researched and crafted piece. As for painting, I decided not to make it a drab gray color. I wanted to add a little life to it and decided to paint it in the style seen in comics and video games. A little light blue, a little camo gray, some dark weathering and voila! I think it looks fun, a nice change from the ordinary. Since the kit didn't come with a stand, I built a little cradle-like stand out of some strip styrene. It works well and is low-profile so it looks like the SSD is floating. I got this kit online for $120.

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