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Kit Name: Star Destroyer
Scale: 1/6240
Material: Resin
Manufacturer: Argo Nauts

Model Number:

Released: 1995
Number Of Parts: 17
Final Dimensions: 10"L x 5"W x 2.5"H
Box Cover:  
Country of Origin: Japan
Special Note:  

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This by far the most accurate Star Destroyer kit available. For such a small kit, the amount of detail is amazing. It is crisp, accurate and looks darn good. It's really a shame Argonauts didn't continue with Star Wars models. Construction on this kit was not difficult. There were only a few pieces, the main hull halves, the superstructure was broken down into a few main assemblies, and then the detail pieces like the engines, domes etc. Everything went together really well except for the main hull halves. I had a little trouble getting them aligned properly so be careful with yours. You may need to use a little heat to soften the parts and clamp them in place. Painting was very simple, the kit was based in a dark gray and then light sprayed with white. The result was a white Star Destroyer with some gray showing through giving a nice overall weathered effect. You could even use steel wool to wear the white down even more. I got this kit for around $45 from someone who contacted me with one to sell.

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