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Kit Name: TIE Fighter
Scale: 1/36
Material: Resin & Metal
Manufacturer: B.C.I.

Model Number:

Number Of Parts: 11
Final Dimensions: 7.25"W x 8.75"H x 7"L
Box Cover: Click Here
Instructions: Click Here (.zip)
Country of Origin:  
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This is the best TIE Fighter kit I have ever seen. It has the detail of Fine Molds and Argonauts in a huge 1/36 scale! It has the best of both worlds. This kit was cast in a very high quality dark gray resin that sanded very easily. There were only a couple of parts so construction was very simple. Painting was easy, except when it came to the wings. As with most TIE kits, the wings are a pain in the butt to paint. The black panels and thin support struts make for a lot of masking work. I suggest painting the support struts in the color of your choice and then masking them off and painting the black solar panels. This is easier than painting the panels first. If you paint the panels first, you have to fill that area with tape and it uses a lot more. Also, when trimming the tape, you run the risk of ruining the detail or finish with your X-ACTO blade. Also, the paint can run underneath the tape from above, so gravity is working against you. Paint the support struts first, then the black panels. After the major painting was done, I went on the weathering and detail painting. I painted a lot of the details recommended by Fine Molds, much like I did with my Argonauts TIE Fighter. The only thing I didn't paint was the red pentagram. For weathering I did some black wash in the panel lines to help bring their beauty out. A little airbrushing and it was all set. I got this kit from someone online for $55.

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