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Kit Name: TIE Bomber
Scale: 1/51
Material: Resin
Manufacturer: JMJ Models

Model Number:

Released: 2004
Number Of Parts: 52
Final Dimensions: 9"W x 7.5"L x 5.25"H
Box Cover: None
Instructions: Click Here
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note:  

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This is the first Star Wars release from JMJ Models, the Imperial TIE Bomber as seen in The Empire Strikes Back. This kit has a distinct advantage over the SMT TIE Bomber in that it comes with the wings, so there is no need to convert a Darth Vader TIE kit. It is roughly the same size as the SMT kit and displays nicely with other in scale TIE kits produced by SMT and ERTL. This kit is mastered with precision and extreme attention to detail. The details look very good and very accurate. The kit is also excellently cast with the details being reproduced crisply and sharply throughout the numerous parts. There were some problems with air bubbles in my kit so be careful. The kit parts also require quite a bit of cleanup before painting or assembly can begin. This is what took me the longest on the kit. Filling the seams around the cockpit and the front bomb chute also took a bit of effort. Nothing the average modeler couldn't achieve, however. Assembly was fairly straightforward. The biggest problem I found with this kit is that it has no instructions as of yet, only a small online guide here. Instructions would have been useful as some parts required modification to fit correctly. Examples include the gray braces around the front bomb chute, the lower bomb chute and some of the braces on the wings. Careful studying of the studio model will, however, reveal the location and modifications needed of all parts. I added a few extra details to this kit including some details on the front and back between the two pods, on top of the bomber, and around the lower bomb chute. I also added a cockpit interior that can't be seen in these pics and scratchbuilt some wing struts (3rd pic) out of styrene tubing. I made sure to paint the interior surfaces of the details before assembling the kit to ensure that no bare resin would be visible. After assembly was completed, I gave the kit an overall spraying of a custom blue color that I originally mixed for my Fine Molds Interceptor. The black wing panels were masked and airbrushed with Polly Scale Engine Black. Small details were picked out in Polly Scale Bar Gray, Engine Black and Caboose Red for the engines. I then weathered the kit with Engine Black thinned with Badger Air-Opaque cleaner and finished it all off with a matte coating of Polly Scale Matte Clear. Overall this kit is a great representation of the Imperial TIE Bomber. The details are very good and the kit is well engineered. I would recommend it for people who have previous experience in building resin kits as it does take a bit of work. This kit is available from jmjmodels and, for $90, is well worth the price.


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