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Kit Name: TIE Bomber
Scale: 1/51
Material: Resin & Plastic
Manufacturer: Scale Model Technologies

Model Number:

Released: 1998
Number Of Parts: Approximately 45 plus Vader's TIE wings
Final Dimensions: 9"W x 7"L x 5"H
Box Cover: Click Here
Country of Origin: Canada
Special Note: Requires the Darth Vader TIE Fighter kit wings.

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The SMT TIE Bomber, was once one of the most sought after garage kits. After producing this kit along with a Y-wing, SMT went MIA. A few years later they roared back onto the scene with their famous TIE Bomber at the forefront of a resin revolution in Star Wars garage kits. This kit is one of the few Star Wars models from SMT that is not mastered by Alfred Wong. Despite that, the kit is incredible. The detail is super-accurate. And where it is off, SMT even tells you how to fix it! I guarantee you won't find that anywhere else. The kit is cast in a very high grade white resin that sands nicely and accepts all types of paint well. Just be sure to clean the pieces with Simple Green before working on them to clean off any mold release compound. The kit goes together very nicely. All pieces fit well and the instructions are well laid out to aid in the process. One thing that you need to do is pick up a Darth Vader TIE Fighter kit to use the wings. I added a hubcap from a Batmobile kit to enhance the detail in the forward bomb bay. After assembly was done, I moved on to painting. For the blue color, I have an old bottle of acrylic paint that I use. The color is Bluebell. I did this kit before I had an airbrush so I hand painted it and it worked out fine. I also hand painted the solar panels. I used the same type of acrylic paint in Pewter Gray for the cockpit details, which I augmented with parts from the Darth Vader TIE Fighter model. Other than that, the kit is pretty much complete! It is a really impressive size and looks great alongside all the rest of the SMT TIE variants. A solid buy at $60! Unfortunately this kit is no longer available as SMT has ceased production of all Star Wars related kits.


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