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Kit Name: Death Star Turret
Scale: 1/170
Material: Resin
Manufacturer: Resin D'Etre

Model Number:

Number Of Parts: 4
Final Dimensions: 4.5"H x 3.5"W x 3.5"D
Box Cover: None
Instructions: Click Here (.zip)
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note:  

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This Death Star Turret is a very unique subject that would look great along with scale ships. Supremely detailed, this kit screamed for some nice weathering. You can also make it so the turret on top rotates around in a circle independent of the base. I like the idea of making a turret into a kit and hope to incorporate it into a display someday. A larger base for the turret was planned but has yet to be released. Assembly was very simple and straightforward. Just some basic cleanup and gluing on the turrets. I also decided to drill a hole in the two halves and insert an acrylic rod into them (but not glue) so the top could rotate as it was intended to. I based the pieces in Light Sea Gray from my airbrush. I put the cannons aside and gave the body sections a light overcoat of Camouflage Gray. I did this because the references I saw made the gun appear as if the turbolaser emitters were a bit darker. After this was all dry I gave the pieces a heavy black wash to bring out the detail. I also added streaks and some dry brushing to simulate further wear. The reference pictures showed that the turrets were pretty dirty and beat up so I tried to replicate that. Once all of the weathering was done I glued on the actual guns in a cool upward "action-like" pose and it was finished. Hopefully sometime in the future the planned base with 3 X-wings will be released.

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