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Kit Name: Tusken Raider
Scale: 1/6
Material: Vinyl & Plastic
Manufacturer: Polydata

Model Number:

Released: 1996
Number Of Parts: 14
Final Dimensions: 13.75"H x 9"W x 2.25"D
Box Cover: Click Here
Instructions: Click Here (.zip)
Country of Origin: Canada
Special Note: Pre-painted. Limited to 9000.

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This is the oddball of the Polydata line. I say it is the oddball because all of the other kits are of main characters, and here you have a Tusken Raider. Strange choice, but I'm not going to complain because it looks cool! The Polydata kits are pre-painted so all you need to do is glue them together. The vinyl is very, very soft and cuts very easily without warming. Just be careful not to cut too much! Go slow. This kit went together fairly well, but I have always had trouble making it stand straight. I think it is the angle that I attached the feet to the ankles. Do a lot of dry fitting to check yours so you don't suffer the same fate as mine. It fell at least twice taking a few models with it. I have since taken it off of the clear pads that it comes with and tried to fix the feet. I achieved moderate success so it probably isn't a flaw in the kit. Like I said, just check it. Other than that, that's it. No painting is necessary, unless you want to. I got this kit off Yahoo! auctions for about $10.

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