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Kit Name: Virago
Scale: 1/60
Material: Plastic
Manufacturer: AMT/ERTL

Model Number:

Released: 1997
Number Of Parts: 59
Final Dimensions: (Wings Closed) 6.5"W x 4.5"H x 9"L
(Wings Open) 6.5"W x 14.5"H x 5.75"L
Box Cover: Click Here
Instructions: Click Here (.zip)
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note: Part of the Shadows Of the Empire (Expanded Universe) series.

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What a cool looking design. With it's wings open and guns extended, The Virago looks like a huge machine cruising through space to blast you to oblivion. This ship originated in the Shadows Of The Empire story and was featured in the Nintendo 64 game. It has reappeared in several places. I'm surprised that this ship isn't more popular. I really, really like the design. I guess maybe it's just me. This kit was pretty simple. No teeny tiny parts or any trouble areas to speak of. there are quite a few seams to speak of though. Mainly around the edges of the wings and the main body. Easily fixed with some putty or sheet styrene. I can't remember what colors I used on this ship. It looks like maybe a Gunship Gray for the dark areas and Light Sea Gray or Gull Gray for the lighter areas. The guns are a medium gray color and the rest of the details are silver, black and red. The base is really neat, it is shaped like the Black Sun logo, which also looks a lot like the table that the Separatist heads met at in Attack Of The Clones. I painted the base black and red with some gold highlights on the sign. Again, this is a really cool looking ship that isn't as popular as I would like. Go out and get one! Spread it! lol I got this kit for $6 at KBToys.

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