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Kit Name: Wicket W. Warrick
Scale: 1/11
Material: Resin
Manufacturer: Tsukuda

Model Number:

Released: 1984
Number Of Parts: 5
Final Dimensions: 3"H x 2"W x 3"D
Box Cover: Click Here
Instructions: Click Here (.zip)
Country of Origin: Japan
Special Note:  

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My girlfriend absolutely loves this kit. She thinks it is "cute". It's probably Wicket's teddy bear-like nature and those big black eyes. Well, I think he's tough! I bet Jar-Jar couldn't do what he did! This kit was really fun to build. Figure kits are a nice change from ships sometimes. I think this kit had like about 4 main pieces, the body, the arms and the spear so there isn't much assembly to speak of. For painting, I based the kit in a medium/dark brown color and dry brushed increasingly lighter shades of brown over it. I especially concentrated on his face and ears where the real costume was lightest. Next I painted his hood/vest/cape thingy a reddish color. I probably should have done orange. I don't really know why I chose red. I then dirtied it up with some dark brown/black dry brushing. I picked out the details of his face with dark brown, white and gloss black. His "cookie" was painted a chocolate brown color and the spear was based in light brown and dry brushed with dark browns. I finished it off by painting his spear tip a medium gray color to replicate stone. All in all a nice little kit that everyone can enjoy. I got this for about $15 on eBay.

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