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Kit Name: Yoda
Scale: 1/4
Material: Vinyl
Manufacturer: Screamin'

Model Number:

Released: 1993
Number Of Parts: 9
Final Dimensions: 8"H x 6"W x 4"D
Box Cover: Click Here
Instructions: Click Here (.zip)
Country of Origin: USA
Special Note:  

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This is a really nice kit that I really enjoyed doing, especially the jungle base. The kit comes in a few pieces very nicely molded. There was also a bunch of snakes that came with the kit that I did not use. The kit went together very easily and required very little warming to fit. I started painting by spraying the whole thing Flat Light Aircraft Gray (as usual) and working my way down from there. The skin was painted a sort of Sea foam Green color and darkened up with some dry brushing of darker colors. The cloak was dry brushed with some grays and blacks to dirty it up. I don't think he had a washing machine on Dagobah...or did he? Nah. Of course he is like one of the most powerful Jedi ever. He could probably just say "Out darn spot!" and it would fall off. Anyway his nails were painted Sand and dry brushed with some tan. His staff was sprayed Black and dry brushed with a lot of grays and browns. He was then finished and could go on the base I made out of a plain wooden plaque painted black. I then smeared white glue all over the remaining areas of the base and put a whole bunch of Spanish Moss all over it. I was sure to cover every last spot of Black base. I then took little bunches of railroad field grass leftover from my 1/6 Kaiyodo Boba Fett and made some plants. I finished it off with some sticks and branches of small plants to make little trees and shrubs. I think it really adds a lot to the kit. Very fitting for the subject. I got this kit for around $20 and spent only about $2 on the base.

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